BioSim strengthens its national representation with the incorporation of ROVI Pharmaceutical Laboratories

ROVI joins BioSim to strengthen initiatives that promote greater access to and knowledge about biosimilar medicines.

Madrid, 21 March 2023

Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI announces its incorporation as a member of the General Assembly of the Spanish Association of Biosimilar Medicines, BioSim. This is another milestone for both entities.

Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI is a group of the pharmaceutical sector of Spanish origin, specialized, fully integrated and dedicated to the research, development, manufacture under license and commercialization of small molecules and biological specialties. Since 2017, the group has boosted its international presence thanks to the commercialization of its enoxaparin biosimilar. For ROVI, joining Biosim means joining “the work of an essential actor in the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of biosimilar medicines in Spain, quality therapeutic alternatives that contribute to the sustainability of the health system”.

For BioSim, for its part, the incorporation of ROVI represents an advance in the representativeness of the Association as a reference for laboratories that research, develop, produce and/or market biosimilar medicines, with common principles and objectives. Thus, through different initiatives, both organizations will continue to promote the use of biosimilar medicines and transfer their value to the administration, health professionals, patients and the general public.

In the words of Encarna Cruz, CEO of BioSim “ROVI, as one of the pioneering companies that develops and produces biosimilars in Spain and markets internationally, is an example of a company that bets and encourages national employment and biosimilars. From BioSim we thank you for joining the Association and we believe that it can enrich the debates and decisions that are taken from now on. ”

This incorporation, in addition, adds the president of BioSim, Joaquín Rodrigo, increases the representativeness of the Association that currently has companies that occupy more than 95% of the Spanish biosimilar market. This allows us to strengthen our role as an interlocutor before administrations, managers, health professionals and patients.

With its incorporation, the company wants to contribute its experience in the bioisimilars market. “Our enoxaparin biosimilar has become one of the main value generators of the group. We started its commercialization in 2017 and, since then, it has been a great boost to ROVI's internationalization strategy and we hope that it will continue to be a lever of growth for our company in the coming years, ”explains Pedro Carretero, director of Hospitals and Institutional Relations of ROVI Laboratories and representative of the group in Biosim.

About ROVI

ROVI is a pan-European pharmaceutical company, specialized and dedicated to the research, development, licensed manufacturing and commercialization of small molecules and biological specialties. The company, in continuous process of international expansion, has subsidiaries in Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Poland, and has a diversified portfolio of more than 40 marketed products. For more information, please visit

About biosimilar medicines and BioSim

A biosimilar is a biological medicine equivalent in quality, efficacy and safety to an original biological medicine, called a reference product. The dosage and route of administration should be the same, and the biosimilar is authorised for all or some of the indications approved for the reference biologic. Biosimilars allow a greater number of patients to access biological treatments due to the reduction in the cost thereof. At present, the European Union has authorised the placing on the market of 50 of these medicines, and it is expected that an increasing number of approved products and indications will be available in the coming years.

BioSim, the Spanish Association of Biosimilar Medicines, is a non-profit organization whose purpose is the promotion and promotion of scientific, business and technical interests common to the Spanish industry of biosimilar medicines, for which it welcomes and represents all pharmaceutical companies established in Spain that research, develop, produce and/or market biosimilar medicines, being able to be part of it both laboratories that are already operating in the biosimilar market and companies of original products that have set up, or are going to start up, a biosimilar division; be it for research, development, production or marketing.

For more information about BioSim:


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