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The Community of Madrid has declared this project to be strategic: it will create 200 new direct jobs for 2027 and...
4 min
11 Jul, 2024
ROVI reinforces its heparin production capacity
3 min
20 Jun, 2024
ROVI closes the quarter with operating revenue of 151.2 million euros
4 min
08 May, 2024
Agreement to manufacture pre-filled syringes for a global pharmaceutical company
3 min
25 Apr, 2024
Risperidone ISM® is a prolonged-release injectable antipsychotic developed and patented by ROVI for the treatment of...
4 min
02 Apr, 2024
This public-private collaboration instrument falls within the framework of the Vanguard Health Strategic Project for...
3 min
12 Mar, 2024
ROVI achieved operating revenue growth of 1% in the first post-pandemic year
4 min
27 Feb, 2024
ROVI reports operating revenue growth of 3% for the first nine months of the first post-pandemic year
5 min
08 Nov, 2023