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Integrating our activity with equitable and sustainable environmental policies.
2 min
28 Jun, 2024
At ROVI, we understand that corporate social responsibility goes beyond our day-to-day...
3 min
10 Jan, 2024
Laboratorios ROVI strive daily to strengthen our commitment to human capital, placing the...
3 min
19 Dec, 2023
At the end of last year, ROVI approved its 2023-2025 Master Plan to establish the...
3 min
29 Aug, 2023
To consolidate our position in the pharmaceutical sector nationally and internationally,...
4 min
13 Jul, 2023
Within the framework of the ESG Master Plan to 2025, Laboratorios ROVI advances in its...
3 min
21 Jun, 2023
Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI is a group in the pharmaceutical sector, engaged in the...
3 min
24 May, 2023
Minimizing occupational risks in ROVI Pharmaceutical Laboratories facilities and...
2 min
17 Apr, 2023
As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, ROVI Laboratories is committed to...
3 min
08 Mar, 2023