ROVI Laboratories reinforces its volunteering activities in 2023

At ROVI, we understand that corporate social responsibility goes beyond our day-to-day operations.

That is why we are pleased to present the activities with which we are consolidating our corporate volunteering program, an initiative that allows our employees to know first-hand the entities with which the company collaborates and to play a proactive role in changing our society. In this 2023, our commitment to volunteering has been manifested through various activities in collaboration with various NGOs and foundations dedicated to promoting inclusion, environmental awareness and social well-being.
In 2023, the company's purpose has been to promote interaction and the normalisation of disability using inclusive sport as a nexus. We are also proud to introduce the ROVI Forest project, a reforestation initiative in the Sierra de Madrid, with which the company contributes to the recovery of a forest area and with which it can offset part of the CO2 emissions generated by its industrial activity. In 2023, we have undertaken the following corporate volunteering activities:
1. XI Race for Mental Health.
In collaboration with the Manantial Foundation, we sponsored and participated in this race, where nearly 50 employees joined more than 2,000 athletes to promote mental health awareness in the center of Madrid.
2. Adapted Ski Camp in Sierra Nevada, Granada. 
From 3 to 5 March. Together with the Fundación ¨También¨, about twenty ROVI workers enjoyed a weekend of adapted skiing, supporting participants of the Foundation in their learning and improvement of the practice of adapted skiing on the slopes of Sierra Nevada (Granada).
3. Bosque ROVI. 
Coinciding with World Environment Day, a group of ROVI employees in collaboration with Retree planted 2,000 trees of native species in Robledillo de la Jara (Madrid), with the active participation of our employees and their families. In addition to planting, forest maintenance activities were carried out, from the construction of insect hotels to the implementation of measures to combat drought.
4. XXII Descent of the Adapted Sella. 
On July 30, eleven ROVI volunteers shared a canoe with members of the Also Foundation with some type of disability, covering the fifteen kilometers that separate the towns of Arriondas and Llovió in the XXII edition of the Descent of the Adapted Sella (Asturias). 
5. Inclusive Canoeing in the Cubillas Reservoir. 
Canoeing, archery and zip-line descent were some of the activities that a group of ten employees experienced on September 16 together with the Foundation ¨Tambien¨and the Granada Integra Foundation during an inclusive leisure day on the banks of the Cubillas Reservoir, Granada. 
6. Cycling day in the Green Belt. 
10 kilometres were covered by 13 of our workers and their families together with volunteers from the Sports and Challenge Foundation on September 30 in a day of adapted cycling through the Green Belt of Madrid. 
7. Multi-activity day in Somontes 
Hand in hand with the Sport & Challenge Foundation, a group of 14 ROVI volunteer employees accompanied by their children participated on October 15 in a Multi-Activities day designed to raise awareness of functional diversity, through a handicraft workshop, dynamics assisted with trained dogs and volleyball classes.
8. Carrera ¨Madrid Solidario¨ 
A group of 52 ROVI workers oaccompanied by family and friends on November 5 were encouraged to participate in the 12th edition of the Madrid También Solidarity Race, the competition that seeks to create an inclusive sports community.
9. Career of companies 
On December 17 at the traditional Carrera de las Empresas in Madrid, ROVI was represented by 101 runners distributed in 31 teams, demonstrating our commitment to health, inclusion and solidarity.
At ROVI, we believe in the transformative power of corporate volunteering. Each activity is a testament to our commitment to society and the environment, and we look forward to continuing to be agents of positive change in the years to come.