At Laboratorios ROVI, we are driving sustainable growth with our 2023-2025 ESG Master Plan

At the end of last year, ROVI approved its 2023-2025 Master Plan to establish the strategic ESG priorities.

ROVI has drawn up its Master Plan in order to drive sustainability in the company by emphasising its contribution to the attainment of 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, thus responding to the demands of society.

It is a roadmap that sets out the main environmental, social and corporate governance commitments, as well as the goals, action plans and key indicators which will allow the group’s performance in this area to advance and be evaluated.

The Master Plan, approved by the company’s Board of Directors, is aligned with ROVI’s purpose and values, ensuring responsible management throughout the value change, with transparency vis-à-vis our stakeholders.

With a three-year horizon, this Plan includes 19 strategic ESG goals that materialise in 43 monitoring indicators. These goals were defined by the ESG Department in close collaboration with the heads of the different areas of the company, focusing on five priority areas, which we will now explain:


  1. Aspiring to be a leader in governance committed to sustainability

We put in place mechanisms to ensure that ESG aspects are managed and controlled from the highest governance body, guaranteeing transparency and avoiding any risks that might affect the organisation’s sustainability. To this end, at ROVI, we strive to ensure that the entire group complies with the regulations, carrying out thorough audits and inspections. We promote training and effective communication with all our employees and main suppliers to tackle ethics- and compliance-related matters comprehensively.


  1. Committing to sustainable management to tackle global environmental challenges: fight against climate change, promotion of a circular economy and efficient water management

Reducing the carbon footprint is one of ROVI’s priorities and we have been a scope 1 and 2 carbon neutral company for three consecutive years. We focus our efforts on implementing measures that reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and, ultimately, on compensating the tonnes of carbon it has been impossible to avoid.


  1. Positioning ourselves as a key player in looking after people and integrating specialised and diverse talent

Identifying, attracting, developing and retaining talent is a key factor in ROVI’s performance. This involves comprehensive human capital management, addressing issues such as equality, diversity and workplace inclusion, as well as training and development plans adapted to the group’s different organisational levels.


  1. Promoting responsible management in the supply chain, ensuring the ethical and environmental standards at each one of its links

It is crucial to have a responsible value chain that ensures that ESG criteria are incorporated and respected. We are progressing in the consolidation of the model for evaluating the supply chain and managing the risks that exist in it, where ESG criteria are monitored.


  1. Promoting R&D&I by establishing partnerships with key players

At ROVI, we aspire to be recognised as a leader in our research work and the introduction of new products. Developing lines of research that foment new collaborations with consortia and other entities is essential to the pharmaceutical industry and to ROVI itself. Likewise, we have shown that products should be developed taking account of the real therapeutic needs and executed in compliance with the highest ethical standards (clinical trials and animal testing).

Thus, through execution of its Master Plan, ROVI is confident that it can continue to be a pharmaceutical sector leader by focusing on the five basic aspects that ensure the incorporation of ESG aspects into the Company’s strategy.