The six pillars of Laboratorios ROVI's employment policy

Laboratorios ROVI strive daily to strengthen our commitment to human capital, placing the care, development and performance of employees as a top-level strategic pillar, as we are aware of the fundamental role these concepts play within the company

Since the beginning of our activity, at ROVI we have placed human talent at the centre of our operations, aware of the importance of these concepts to the correct functioning of the company.

At the end of 2022, Rovi had 1,993 employees from 14 different nationalities. This figure represented an increase of 14% compared to the previous year, driven by the continuous development and growth of the business. This is largely explained by the increase in employees who have performed tasks related to the marketing of a new drug in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as the extension of the contract with Moderna and the start-up of the new plant in Escúzar (Granada).

ROVI's employment policy pivots on six keys:

  1. Ensure stability in the workforce. Employment at ROVI is characterized by being mostly permanent - at the end of 2022, 89% of contracts were permanent -, low turnover rate and not affected by seasonality.


  1. Attraction and retention of talent. Attracting the best professionals and helping them develop in the company and reach their full potential is the basis of talent management at ROVI. The talent attraction and retention policy integrates principles such as equal opportunities; objectivity and impartiality in processes; commitment to inclusion; priority to internal applications; and confidentiality in processes.


  1. Ensure health and safety. Minimizing occupational risks in the facilities and promoting healthy behaviours in the workplace is the main commitment made by ROVI to ensure the health and safety of its workforce.


  1. Promote equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. For the promotion of these intrinsic values in the Company and in the way of proceeding with its employees, inclusion and access to equitable conditions between candidates are sought, as well as gender equality. As a reference, at the end of 2022, 53% of the workforce was composed of women and 47% of men.


  1. Promote training and development. The company thrives and participates continuously and periodically in different forums and meetings such as Farmaindustria and PDFarma, to allow monitoring the best practices in the sector for the management of people who are part of its business activity. At the same time, and aware of the importance of developing internal talent, ROVI has a mentoring program thanks to which a stream of knowledge and mutual enrichment is generated between professionals with a long track record and new talents with drive, renewed vision and training in new technologies.


  1. Achieve employee well-being. Proactive listening to employees is promoted, in the different workplaces where the company operates, and the adoption of measures that promote family reconciliation and well-being for all of them.


In short, Laboratorios ROVI's employment policy promotes the creation and maintenance of adequate, safe and comfortable work environments. There are diverse, committed and ethical human teams, where the important thing is not only in the Know-How of the staff, but in the values they promote by and for others.