The achievement of this important milestone responds to the Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy of the Group and to the efforts that performs to reduce the environmental impact of all its activities.

Madrid, 4 de marzo de 2022 - Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi, S.A. was certified carbon neutral in 2021 for the second year running. Attaining this important milestone was the result of the Group’s Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy and the effort made to reduce the environmental impact of all its activities, within the framework of its “Avoid, reduce, compensate” strategy

Juan López-Belmonte, ROVI’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our company has significant industrial activity, which makes us especially sensitive to the impact we have on the environment. For this reason, we apply a policy to control and optimise consumption of natural resources at all our plants and make important investments to optimise our efforts to avoid, reduce and offset our emissions”.

ROVI has four medicine production plants in Spain and, for many years, has been applying policies to mitigate the environmental impact of its facilities. Thus, as a company committed to a rational use of energy, ROVI has a specific line of work addressing the optimisation of energy consumption in the course of its activities. Specifically, the actions taken focus on:

  • Avoiding CO2 emissions to the greatest extent possible. For this reason, ROVI purchases renewable energy for the electricity supply required by the production plants, thus minimising the generation of emissions in the course of its operations. Hence, 100% of our production plants completely avoid Scope 2 emissions in the Carbon Footprint relating to energy acquisition.
  • Reduce consumption of key resources: the group checks and reports the water, electricity and gas indicators on a monthly basis and analyses any possible deviations. At each of its manufacturing plants, ROVI sets specific energy-saving targets and has a multidisciplinary team that defines, implements and monitors the actions needed to achieve said targets.
  • Voluntarily compensate for any CO2 emissions that it has not been possible to avoid or reduce during the year. The direct emissions that are offset relate to fuel consumption, such as the natural gas necessary for the industrial boilers or the gas cleaning system, i.e. the Scope 1 emissions when calculating the Carbon Footprint.

For a long time, ROVI been defending and applying its commitment to economic business growth that respects the environment, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, more specifically, Goal 12 of the Agenda 2030 “Responsible production and consumption”.

About ROVI

ROVI is a pan-European pharmaceutical company specialising and engaging in the research, development, contract manufacturing and marketing of small molecules and biological specialties. The company, in a continuous international expansion process, has subsidiaries in Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Poland and has a diversified marketing portfolio of more than 40 products, among which its flagship product, Bemiparin, already marketed in 59 countries all over the world, should be highlighted. Likewise, in 2017, ROVI commenced the marketing of its enoxaparin biosimilar, developed in-house, in Europe. ROVI continues to develop the ISM® Platform technology, a leading-edge line of research in the field of prolonged drug release with proven advantages. For more information, please visit

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