Our mission

Our mission

We work for the wellbeing of society, promoting human health through the production of medicinal and other health products.

Our vision

Our vision

We aspire to be recognized as a benchmark, due to our dedication to research and the manufacture of products focused on improving health.

Our values

Our values

01. We are the Company’s
main asset.

02. We feel changes to be real opportunities
for development.

03. It is important to feel that we learn
something new every day.

04. We like to assume responsibilities
from start to finish.

05. We know we have to win the patient's
trust day by day.

06. We make our customers’ concerns our own and share their successes.

07. Our diversity in training, experience and points of view makes us better.

08. We are committed to innovative drugs as a growth engine.

09. We demand strict ethical standards of ourselves and our partners.

10. Our success depends on the effort of all of us.

Relations with Stakeholders

As part of our CSR strategy, we strive to find out the expectations of our stakeholders and to detect and respond to their concerns.

To do this, we maintain a smooth and constant dialogue with them, thus helping to ensure the business’s long-term viability.

Relation with stack holder

Our commitment
to society

As a pharmaceutical company, we have worked intensively to support research and foment knowledge and prevention of certain diseases. For us, a well-informed society is a healthier society.

Nuestro Compromiso  con el Medio Ambiente

Our commitment
to the environment

We have a firm and constant commitment to environmental protection, which forms part of our day-to-day activity. Our environmental strategy is based principally on implementing energy efficiency solutions, managing natural resources rationally and recycling the waste we produce.

Our commitment
to the employees

Our employees are the basic pillar of the Company’s development. For this reason, we offer them possibilities of professional development and training and the necessary work-life balance measures and welfare benefits, all of which takes place in a safe and healthy environment.


At ROVI, we are satisfied with our work, which means that we do not mind being seen exactly as we are. Transparency is one of our priorities because the trust of our shareholders and investors, employees, customers and suppliers sustains us.